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30 Gorgeous Details for a Qipao (Cheongsam) Wedding Dress

If you're getting married and planning to have a tea ceremony at your wedding, a popular choice for your wedding attire is a qipao (also known as a cheongsam). A qipao is a popular traditional Chinese wedding dress, especially for those who are looking to celebrate their or their fiance's Chinese heritage.

We love a good qipao wedding dress that blends both the traditions of Chinese culture with your own personality and style. Nowadays, there are so many beautiful ways to modernize a qipao or cheongsam for your wedding so we rounded up our 30 favorite details that add a bit of extra sparkle to your qipao inspired dress. 

1: Play around with fancy pankou knots for your qipao wedding dress


2: Create that feminine touch with gold embroidery on your tulle skirt


3: Add some jade or pearl buttons to your qipao 



4: Stand out with a gold peacock on your qipao inspired dress


5: Stand up straighter with a romantic high collar for your qipao


6: Surprise them with a sheer lace train for your mermaid qipao


7: Go all out with a lacy scalloped open back for your qipao dress


8: Show off your figure with side mesh panels on your modern qipao dress


9: This gorgeous slit lets you walk and dance the night away in your qipao


10: This polka-dot mesh keeps the Chinese wedding dress interesting


11: We love a good red and gold brocade—a traditional fabric for the qipao. 


12: Add a bit of sparkle to your lace qipao dress with specks of gold


13: Make a grand exit at your wedding with this stunning train on this cheongsam dress


14: Finish off your qipao cape with crystal bead trim 


15: Weave gold thread into your qipao for that Chinese empress look


16: These romantic sleeves are a perfect look for your wedding


17: We love a good nude back look for your Chinese wedding dress 


18: Line your sleeves with gold beads for that extra oomph for your wedding


19: We're a fan of this open collar on this modern qipao inspired dress


20: No zipper, no problem for this qipao back


 21: Adorn your sleeves with the traditional pankou knots


22: This elaborate mandarin collar definitely will steal the show


23: Choose a cherry blossom embroidery for that extra romantic look for your qipao


24: Change up the top of your qipao look with a curved trim 


25: Sometimes the best details are the ones not there. 


26: Try a scalloped trim for your qipao or cheongsam for that subtle touch


27: Keep it fresh with a beautiful lace open back for your cheongsam wedding dress


28: Choose a chinoiserie fabric for your qipao for that East meets West look 


29: Add pearls as buttons for your qipao back 


30: Adorn your mandarin collar with crystal beads for that extra sparkle



Whether it's adding a beautiful frog button (pankou knot) to your qipao or opting for a lace cheongsam, the possibilities for a qipao inspired dress are endless. Customizing your cheongsam for your Chinese wedding or tea ceremony is a great way to showcase your heritage and if you're still not sure what style of qipao (cheongsam) dress to get, check out our Cheongsam Wedding Dress 101.


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