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6 Ideas for Chinese Wedding Favors

Weddings are a celebration of the two of you with your friends and family. As a way to thank your guests for joining you, you can choose to gift your guests a wedding favor. While it is not required and wedding favors can range wildly, the most important part is the thought behind them.

If you decide to give wedding favors, choose something that is meaningful to the both of you instead of just getting something out of obligation. This can be a great opportunity to highlight you or your fiance’s cultural background

Here are 6 fun Chinese wedding favor ideas to thank your guests and celebrate your Asian heritage:

1: Personalized chopsticks

Customize them with your name and wedding date or with the guest’s name. Or even better yet, engrave a funny, memorable quote. The best part of the gift is the utility—guests can use these at home in the future or use it to eat at your wedding. They look great placed on a plate at each table and can even be used as place cards (if you customize it with the guest’s name). At East Meets Dress, we have a variety of chopstick sleeve covers from silk brocade covers to double happiness ones to match your wedding colors. 

Chinese Wedding Guest Favors, Personalized Engraved Chopsticks 

Chinese Wedding Guest Favor Ideas, Personalized Custom Chopsticks for Chinese Banquet


2: Personalized fans

Fans have been an element of Chinese culture for over 3000 years and they can be another creative and practical wedding favor especially for summer weddings. Consider giving these out during the ceremony if yours is outdoors on a warm, sunny day.

Chinese Wedding Guest Favor Ideas, Personalized Fans for Chinese Banquet

3: Mini lucky bamboo gifts

Move over succulents, bamboos are here to play. In Chinese culture, bamboo represents elegance as well as strength. Gift each guest their own miniature bamboo set to take home to grow and foster. This gift is both lucky and good for the environment. Tip: Having two bamboo stalks in a set represents love.

Chinese Wedding Favor Ideas, Wedding Guest Favors, Chinese Bamboo Gift Favor Boxes

4: Chinese Photo Booth Pictures

Set up a photo booth and choose a backdrop with a Chinese double happiness symbol to make it pop (like the one below from Makors Event). Or if your photo booth rental place does not have a backdrop like this, you can also consider designing the photo frame with your wedding initials and a double happiness Chinese symbol on it. This is both an interactive and memorable wedding favor that guests can take home.

Chinese Wedding Guest Favor Ideas, Personalized Custom Photo Backdrop for Chinese Banquet

5: Sweets in a Double Happiness Box

Remember all the Chinese candies you grew up eating at your grandma’s house? Take your guests on a road to nostalgia with some childhood treats in a cute Chinese gift box. You can never go wrong with White Rabbit or the famous lucky fortune candy inside your wedding favor box. Better yet, put these sweets in a double happiness box.

Chinese Wedding Guest Favor Ideas, Double Happiness Boxes for Chinese Banquet

6: Cute Dim Sum Pins

Spent many mornings at a Dim Sum restaurant growing up or after going out? If you can’t serve Dim Sum at your wedding, you can treat your guests to an adorable enamel pin of dim sum characters. Get a variety so your guests can swap around to get their favorite from their table.  

Chinese Wedding Guest Favor Ideas, Personalized Custom Wedding Pins for Chinese Banquet


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