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Ruby Hairpin Set


Sycee Bangles [2]


Waverly Brocade Pumps


Cheongsam Accessories

You’ve got your Chinese wedding dress. Now what? Add the finishing touches to your look with these cheongsam accessories. If you’re planning on an updo hairstyle with your wedding cheongsam, then adding a Chinese hairpin can be the perfect accessory piece. Our Ruby hairpin is made with a red and gold pankou knot, a homage to the traditional knots seen on qipao or cheongsam dresses. If you are flaunting your arms, why not add some Chinese wedding bracelets to your wrists? This is another great opportunity to include some Chinese-inspired wedding traditions. Choose a bracelet with phoenixes and dragons interwoven into the design like our Fortune Bangle to celebrate the union of two people. If you are planning to wear a qun kwa, the tradition is to wear bracelets on both arms, to symbolize the future wealth the two of you will have in your lives. The more Chinese bridal jewelry, the better your marriage will be. What shoes should you wear with your dress? If your dress is a red lace dress and you’d like to include some traditional fabric in the mix, consider our Dragon’s Gate heels that is adorned with phoenix tails. Or if your dress is a darker wine red, consider our Waverly heels instead.