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How do you accessorize your cheongsam?

You’ve got your traditional Chinese wedding dress. Now what? Add the finishing touches to your cheongsam look with these accessory ideas.

Chinese Hair Accessories:

If you’re planning on an updo hairstyle with your wedding cheongsam, then adding a Chinese hairpin can be the perfect accessory piece. Our Ruby hairpin is made with a red and gold pankou knot, a homage to the traditional knots seen on qipao or cheongsam dresses.

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Hair Accessory, Ruby Hairpin

Even if you have short hair, you can still take advantage of the longer hairpiece that comes with the Ruby hairpins to style your hair with. 

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Hair Accessory, Ruby Hairpin

Or if your dress is not red, you can still pay homage to the Chinese culture with a hairpin adorned with pearls and fans. 

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Hair Accessory, Pearl Hairpin

If you want to add some flowers in your hair, you can consider wearing some traditional Chinese flowers like lilies and orchids. 

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Hair Accessory

If you want to go all out and feel like the queen you are (especially when you are wearing one of our Cleopatra or Victoria qun kwas), you can go with a more extravagant hair accessory such as our Empress hairpiece

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Hair Accessory, Phoenix Hairpin

Chinese Necklace:

Consider wearing a gold necklace to bring out the gold flecks in your cheongsam dress or to balance out the red. If you’d like to add additional symbolism to your accessories, a necklace featuring a phoenix and dragon pair is a great combo to represent the bride and groom at the wedding.  

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Accessory, Chinese Gold Necklace

If you’re looking for something more delicate - consider a thin jade necklace. The jade stone is an iconic symbol in Chinese culture and represents beauty and wisdom. Its delicate features are a perfect complement to a white or light colored cheongsam dress.  

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Accessory, Jade Necklace

Chinese Wedding Bracelets:

If you are flaunting your arms, why not add some accents to your wrists? This is another great opportunity to include some Chinese-inspired wedding traditions. To pair with your cheongsam, you can wear a gold or jade bracelet—choose a bracelet with phoenixes and dragons interwoven into the design to celebrate the union of two people. 

Chinese Wedding Dress Bangle, Chinese Wedding Accessories, Chinese Gold Bangles

If you are planning to wear a qun kwa, the tradition is to wear bracelets on both arms, to symbolize the future wealth the two of you will have in your lives. The more, the better.  

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Accessory, Chinese Bride Bangles  

Chinese Wedding Shoes:

What shoes should you wear with your dress? If your dress is a red lace dress and you’d like to include some traditional fabric in the mix, consider our Dragon’s Gate heels that is adorned with phoenix tails. Or if your dress is a darker wine red, consider our Waverly heels instead. 

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Dress Shoes, Red Wedding Shoes

If you’re not a fan of red shoes, you can’t go wrong with a pair of nude heels. The more comfortable they are, the better. Who says you can’t dance in your cheongsam? 

The best accessory is your confidence. We can’t wait to see how you rock your qipao dress at your event!


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