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Dress Measurement Guide



  • You can download the complete guide to bring to your tailor here.
  • We highly recommend you be measured by a professional tailor.
  • Please measure everything 2-3 times to be certain and record in cm.
  • Please round up to the nearest whole decimal when you input in measurements in our form.
  • Wear the undergarments and shoes that you plan to wear with the outfit to make sure the measurements are accurate.

What you will need

  • A soft clothing tape measure in cm
  • A phone for photos
  • 20 minutes
  • A professional to help with the measurements 

What we ask

  • General info:
    • Please see this PDF for the complete list of measurements asked.
    • We ask for your height, height of your shoes, weight, typical bra size, typical pants size and brand, and typical dress size and brand.
  • Pictures:
    • 3 full body front, side and back pictures (JPG or PNG only). Please make sure to wear form-fitted clothes and have your hair up.
    • Select photos of specific measurements with the measurement tape.
  • Measurements (cm):
    • Please give us all measurements in cm.
    • We ask for all the measurements listed in this PDF i.e. hollow to hem, shoulder to hem, bust, waist, hips, shoulder to shoulder, etc.
    • Depending on the design of your dress, we may also ask for collar height, sleeve length, bicep circumference, preferred slit length, etc.
  • How to submit:
    • After you order, we'll send you your unique link to submit your general info, photos, and specific measurements via email.
  • Important reminder:
    • Our custom sizing options should provide you with a good fit (especially for the many of you who are between sizes). However, you should anticipate needing some local alterations to get the perfect fit for you. For that reason, we offer a free local tailoring credit up to $50 if your dress needs some final adjustments to get it just right.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Hollow to Hem

    Stand upright and measure from your neck collarbone straight down to the floor (or where you’d like the hem to end).
    Tip: Make sure to wear the shoes you plan to wear at the event when measuring.

  • Shoulder to Hem

    Stand upright and measure from the midpoint of your shoulder straight down over the fullest part of bust. Measure to the floor (or where you'd like the hem to be).
    Tip: Make sure to wear the shoes you plan to wear at the event when measuring.

  • Bust

    Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and center the tape on your back so it's leveled all the way around. Wear a bra while measuring if you plan on wearing one with the dress!

  • Waist

    Run the tape around your natural waistline, keeping the tape parallel with the floor.
    Tip: Bend to one side to find the natural indentation in your torso; this is your natural waist.

  • Hips

    Measure approximately 20cm below your waistline around the fullest part of your hips (going over your backside), with your feet and heels together.
    Tip: Make sure the tape measure can still slide down the rest of your body.

  • Shoulder to Shoulder

    This is the distance from the top of the left shoulder across to the nape of the neck to the edge of the right shoulder. Make sure to curve the tape along the natural curve of your upper back.

    Tip: If you lift up your arms, where your shoulder joint indents is where the measurement should start. You can also wear a fitted t-shirt and measure from one shoulder seam to the other.

  • Shoulder to Waist

    Measure from where the neck meets the shoulder, over the fullest part of the bust, to where the narrowest part of the waist sits.

  • Shoulder to Bust

    Measure from the edge of your neck where your shoulder begins down to the middle of your bust.

  • Front Armpit Width

    Measure above your bust, from your left armpit to your right.

  • Back Armpit Width

    Measure the distance between your two armpits on your back.

  • Armhole

    Measure from the top outside edge of the shoulder down around armpit (360 degrees).

  • Neck

    Measure 360 degrees around the base of your neck where a choker necklace would sit, with a finger added inside the tape for comfort.

  • Sleeve Length

    Measure from shoulder tip to where you’d like your sleeve to end.

  • Bicep

    Measure 360 degrees around the widest part of your biceps. Keep your arm relaxed.

  • Slit Length

    Typically, the slit begins 40 cm south of your waist all the way down to your hem. If you prefer a smaller slit, let us know how many centimeters south of your waist you would like the slit to begin.