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Nora Dress | Peacock Wedding Dress

From $299.00

Sandra Dress | Red Wedding Qipao

From $199.00

Elizabeth Dress | Qun Kwa

From $199.00

Cleopatra Dress | Qun Kwa

From $299.00


Victoria Dress | Qun Kwa


Standard Size Cheongsams

Looking for modern or traditional qipao dress styles for a special event? Browse our unique qipao designs, available in standard sizes for easy shopping and faster delivery. If you're looking for a traditional qipao, our Melinda dress comes in both standard and custom sizes so you can choose what is best for you. If you're not a fan of mandarin collars, our Nora dress is also one of our most popular qipao dress styles, perfect for a special event. Not sure of a size? Our EMD team is here to help make your wedding planning just a bit easier.