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Sandra Dress | Red Wedding Qipao

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Cleopatra Dress | Qun Kwa

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Victoria Dress | Qun Kwa


Elizabeth Dress | Qun Kwa

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Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

Celebrate your Chinese heritage with a traditional Chinese Wedding dress. Whether you're looking for a red cheongsam (qipao) or qun kwa, we've got you covered. The color of choice for a traditional Chinese wedding dress is typically red, with gold embelishments. Red is a popular color for weddings because it symbolizes good fortune and happiness. We have no shortage of red fabric options for you in our collection—you can even customize the red brocade fabric in the Gemma dress. When it comes to your traditional Chinese wedding dress, a popular choice is to wear a qun kwa for your Chinese wedding tea ceremony if you have cultural ties to Southern China. Brides with family in Northern China traditionally wear a qipao or cheongsam instead. Nowadays, the bride can choose what style of Chinese traditional dress she would like to wear depending on her own style.